Friday, December 23, 2011

Good Bye 2011.. See you in 2012.. =D

2011 comes to an end...

And I'm counting the day...

Towards something that I can't wait...

I've been waiting for almost 4 years for it to happen again...

Thanks MOM for making my wish come true on my birthday...

How I miss 'there' so much...

Last time, it was just ME and HIM...

But this time SHE will be with US too...

I'm so excited that I can't wait...

Hoping that it will be something sweet that I'll never forget...


 And it will be filled by US.. =)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Little Sunshine...




A reason to be HAPPY...

Lady driver

 Lil helper

Busy workmate

Avoiding paparazzi

Shower mate

 Big taste


Hot actress... Ouchh!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

27th blessed years of my life..


Praise be to you Allah for giving me 27th years of wonderful life and full of LOVE and HAPPINESS..

In 27 years...

I've been blessed by Him..

I've been showered with LOTS of LOVE..

I enjoyed happy and fabulous moment..suffered heartbroken and pain..

I've done so many (great) things for myself.. 

I've achieved (maybe not all) my dreams..

I've spent so much (ka-ching) for myself..


And for the years ahead.. InsyaAllah..

I want to be near to HIM..

As He always REMEMBER me when I FORGET about Him..

He always HAVE TIME for me when I usually DON'T HAVE TIME for Him..

He still LOVES me even I FORGET and DON'T HAVE TIME for Him..

Even worst, I don't usually show Him that I LOVE HIM TOO.. =(


I want to give my LOVE to persons who LOVED me MOST..


Not to forget..



Thanks for making me who I am today.. =)

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Read and compare their answer...

Kisah yang berlaku awal pagi tadi antara my hubby, Asyraf (28yrs) and my niece, Alyssa (4yrs)...

Asyraf: Lyssa, nape kita tido atas katil bukan bawah katil?

Alyssa: Sebab bawah katil kotor, berhabuk.. (Jawab dengan penuh yakin..)

Aku: ...dalam hati (Betul...bagus, pandai Lyssa jawab..)

Asyraf: Salah..sebab kita da beli katil, buat ape tido bawah katil, tido la atas katil..

Aku: #%$&%#$%%^$%#

** Jangan ajar loyar buruk pada budak-budak yea...sebab their mind act like a sponge...they'll absorb everything they learn...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sharing is Caring..

Hari ni nak share info sket tentang common marks / problems yang ada pada baby yang dilahirkan Down Syndrome.
Source: Kumpulan Sokongan Down Syndrome

Harap-harap orang di luar sana tak menyisihkan atau meminggirkan mereka di atas kekurangan  kelebihan yang mereka miliki sebab mereka juga punya hak untuk hidup bebas di muka bumi Allah seperti anda.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Positive Progress for A Positive Parents =)

It's been a while...

After a long silence, here I am, back in the blogsphere again..

Don't know where should I start. Feel a bit lost for a while after such a long break. Wheewww!! *__*

Hmm...lately my focus is more on lil angel. As she grows up (bigger and naughtier..), I realised that there were lots of positive improvement that impressed me as her mother. On her last progress check up (the check up is part of her xenotransplan procedure - the doctor will ask about her health and development progress to know what cells will best be given for her on the next injection), the doctor was very impressed with her. He was amazed when we told him that she could already say few words like 'nak', 'dap' (instead of sedap), 'jok' (instead of sejuk), 'dah', 'bird', 'go', 'koob' (instead of book..hehe..funny!), 'cat', 'dog', 'bear''pert' (instead of 'pers' when we say 'pam...' - pampers) and recently she said 'ok' to me!! Sometimes she can call 'bebek' (instead of bibik) and 'dada' to her daddy. Unfortunately no 'mama' or 'mummy' yet from her. It's a bit frustrate me when she can say 'bebek' first than 'mummy'. Of course I'm sad! Obviously shows that bibik spend more time with her than me.. =( But it's ok, I know the time will come.. =) she just need some time because as I realize there wasn't any 'M' words come out yet.

She even become smarter nowadays. She loves to ride her new bicycle, the one that she bought using her duit raya collection ;) If she sees her bicylcle, she'll scream and struggle just to get there and usually once she ride it, it'll end up with me struggling to say enough for today! She also loveeess to go out. She can't even see us dressed up, she'll quickly asked us to carry her so that she can follow us. And the best part is, if we pretend to ignore her, she'll sulk!! Ohh my.. She's an incredibly smart lil girl!!

Eventhough she's a bit delay in walking (by her own - she can walk like running if we hold her hand), she's already cruising the sofa! The doctor told us that it was a positive progress as usually a Down Syndrome child can walk at the age of 2 or some might take a bit longer.

So according to the doctor, as the result of her progress check up....

In her 18months age...
 Her brain is like normal 14months old baby and her motorskills is like normal 11 months old baby..

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wolves Girls Gath + Happy Ramadhan =)

This explains the excitement on my last post...


After a long wait...Finally we met... =D

Miss ya guys like yeah God knows..

Thanks for making this come true... It's been an ages since our last met on 2007...

Friday, 29th July 2011 - 8.45pm
With excited and joy, I'm heading my way to...

Marche, The Curve Damansara...
 (pics from Mr. Google)

To meet these gorgeous girls...
 Wolves Malay Girls 2005...
Together we unite from Walsall, Telford and Town Campus...

 Lovelies... =)
(Can u see the bull back there?? Ouh yes, absolutely he's not =P)

 From left: Efa, Zee, Me and Sofia

 With my bestmate
(roommate, shoppingmate, classmate n ponteng-classmate..hahaa..)

Last but not least...

Camwhore session...
(Teruja with zee's iphone app...forgive =P)

Souvenir from efa...thanx darla...

** credit to all the gorgeous girls for the pics...



Thursday, July 28, 2011



I JUST....


Weeeehooo.... =)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


She's weak..

She was so weak on that weekend..

It's almost a week she's down with fever + cough + flu..

She didn't want to eat, drink, not even want to play..

The only she wanted to do is...

She cries...
(As if the tears would heal away the pain..)

She cries...
(Hoping her mummy and daddy understand the pain she's going through..)

It tear our hearts into pieces seeing her suffering. We've referred her to the doctor before but still not recover. Worried so much (because she has pneumonia history), last Saturday, we brought her to the doctor again and doctor said her lungs already infected so she needs to be given antibiotic and drip.

An IV line was set to her tiny lil hand. Poor lil angel.. =( 

Get well sayang...It hurts me the most seeing u in pain.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Rain..Rain..Go Away...

Susah hati...

Masuk hari ni genap 5 hari si kecil demam...

Sayu hati...

Bila tengok si kecil yang setiap hari penuh dengan gelak tawa, merengek tak bermaya...

Sakit hati...

Tak punya banyak waktu untuknya saat dia memerlukan aku...

Sabarlah wahai hati...

Tentunya ini ujian buatmu...semoga kau sentiasa tabah dan kuat menghadapinya...

Hujan.. cepatlah berlalu kecilku dambakan cahaya mentari di pagi hari...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

09th to 10th...


 We're heading to the North (Alor Setar, Kedah to be specific), running away from KL and getting rid of BERSIH  (not so bersih pun..) attending an important occasion - my cousin's engagement. The ceremony went very well; started with her nephew's aqiqah and continued with her engagement. Not so much pics were taken due to babysit lil angel. Anyway, to my dearest cousin Farhana...


The journey has just begin... =D

The only snap with the bride-to-be... =)

***Would also like to congratulate MY DEARIE BESTFRIEND - DALINA on ur big day!!! A gazillion sorry for not being there, darling!!! Hope u guys have a life filled with love and lots of happiness!!!


“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”
-Judy Garland

{ 10/07/09 - 10/07/11 }



p/s : I LOVE YOU...

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Have you heard of XENOTRANSPLANT??

Never heard of it??

According to Wikipedia:
Xenotransplantation is the transplantation of living cells, tissues or organs from one species to another, such as from pigs rabbits to humans. Such cells, tissues or organs are called xenografts or xenotransplants.

If you want to know more about it, google for FCTI or BCRO. It'll explain more on it.

Honestly, I never heard of it before until lil angel came into my life. Yes, not only she shines my world, she also teaches me to understand a lot of science language which I didn't know exists for 26 years of my life.

I was first introduce to it over a year before by lil angel's pediatrician, Dr Lim. He consults us about the procedure and told us that most of Down Syndrome children who went on this procedure shows better improvement. He assured us that this procedure does not give harm to our child. There are only two possible outcomes: either there will be an improvement, or there will be no change in the condition of patient. But one thing that might make us think twice is the cost...which is very costly!! He also gave us a few numbers of parents whom their child went on the procedure so they can share their experience with us and we get the information needed before deciding to proceed or not.

Yes, we did called the parents and they're being so supportive. They kept talking bout their child's improvement and positive development after the injection which makes us decided to give it a try. For the sake of her health, why not? After discussing with  family members we're agreed to proceed on the procedure. Her 1st injection was a terrible experience for me. Thinking of normal injection, with a small needle, yes I can deal with it. But I was totally wrong! If u ever had an experience with epidural, u know how big the needle is! And a dosage of cell is about 10ml and she'd been given 2 dosages of cell for the first injection. Can u imagine seeing your lil ones being hurt and u can't do anything?? Hearing her screaming and crying painfully REALLY hurts me. I remembered the thing that I could only do to calm her down was whispering to her ears with teary eyes "You're a strong girl...Mummy's here with u sayang and mummy loves u so much.." and I kept praying to Allah to lessen her pain. And when it's all done, I whispered to her ear again, "Forgive me sayang, I'm doing all of this for your own good. I want you to have a good life and bright future. I love you." And the same situation happen each and everytime she went on the procedure.

Yesterday was lil angel's 4th xenotransplant stem cell injection. This time she was given FOUR cells; medulla alba, cardiomyoblast, frontal lobe, temporal lobe and thalamus. Four cells going to cause her so much pain. I've set my mind, whatever it is I have to be strong as she needed me so much. We arrived at the clinic around 11.00am and her appointment was on 11.40am. After reading and signing the consent letter, we waited for a while before her name was called by the nurse. Her daddy carried her to the procedure room and I followed behind. I knew I have to be strong but I am not. Hearing her loud painful cry made me teary-eyed. I can't bear seeing her in pain, in fact I kept on asking the nurse "Are we done yet??". Alhamdulillah the procedure went well. She was given a bed for rest while waiting doctor to come and observed her before she can go home but as soon as we're there, she has stopped crying and started playing with her daddy, rolling over the bed, moved her body once I sang her favourite nursery rhymes. She seems totally forgot about her pain. Looking at her beautiful smile and cheerful laugh, I praised to Allah for giving me a strong and tough girl!! 


 my lil angel after the injection

 starts playing with daddy...=D

See, the sun that shines my day... Love her so much!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Retail Therapy... Ada Apa Dengan Pavi??


Hey, I've noticed that last month I only had ONE post!! Huhuu..and it's all about my PMS??!! Duuhh~ So pathetic.. Ok, so this time around I promised myself to have at least 4 posts on this month...yeah, will try!! =D

So, wondering what my early July were filled with?? Here it goes..Two weekends in a row were filled with a trip to Pavilion. Teheee... =D Since this month is Mega Sale's month, so we (Asyraf, Awfeeya and me) decided to spend our weekend by having some retail therapy at Pavilion. Why Pavilion??

5 simple reasons:

1) Because it's a stone throw from my house. =D

2) Because I personally found out it was the best place to be for window shopping!! =D All the brands are under one roof, you just have to name it...From Gucci, Hermes, Prada, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Aigner, DKNY to Guess, Aldo, Nine West, Zara, Gap, MNG, Charles & Keith and soooo muchhh moreee...

3) There were so much variety of food there. Name it international or local cuisine, just step at the foodcourt, you'll find what you're craving for. Or if you feel like chilling and relaxing while listening to band, there were street bistros and cafe at Level 3 where you can hang out and meet up with your buddies.

4) And the crowds were lesser compared to KLCC (the comparison were due to the distance from my house.. ;) )


5) If you feel like want to 'berangan' at overseas, you can walk up to the entrance and feel the surroundings. There are more shopping malls nearby; Star Hills, Fahrenheit, and if you walk further up you'll see BB Plaza, Sungei Wang and Times Square. I dunno.. but personally, when I be there, I feel like I wasn't at my own country. (When I missed UK, this was what I usually do..ngee..)

So, let see what do we found at Pavilion during our 'trip' : =P

 Pavilion - night  scene
Kalau nak berangan kat oversea, try lepak kat luar ni.. Rasa cam kat Bullring, Birmingham...

 From the inside..


Too tired..Lil angel's sleeping..

Last but not least, we've found supermarket here called Mercato ;)

This is the main reason why we're here...groceries shopping!!
Naahh...hahaha... =P

And look what we found inside the Mercato... a superbly gorgeous Nurul!!! =D
It really made my day!!! Yippieyaayyy!!! 
(We do hugs and laga-laga pipi hokaayyy...sangat teruja!!!) 

Ok now let see what we got from Pavilion (besides the groceries)...

For him...
G-Shock watch..

For her...

Nine West heels..


Refill compact powder, eyeliner and bronze eye shadow (to compliment this year's raya theme)..

Okie, that's all for now I guess..till then...taaa...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's All Bcoz of YOU!! Yeah..YOU!!!

Ohhh dear blog!!!!


This feeling is annoyed me!!! I think I'm tooo stressed out!! I need to find a way to channel it in a manner so here I am, depending on u to spread some words so that this feeling will go away...
(syuhh..syyuuhhh...go away u weird feeling!!)

I am really REALLY not in a good mind and body control.

1) My body feel like restless and aching everywhere like i've done tonnes of HEAVY work.

2) My mind wasn't where my body is. There's so much in my mind rite now. I can't focus on my work at all. Eventhough it's piling up each and everyday. GOSH!!!

3) And I can't control my feeling. I dunno why I feel like yelling, screaming, and crying at the same time. I get mad and sad and screwed up at the same time. Can u imagine that?? Ohh's a disaster!!!

And thank to you...YES, it's you PMS!! You're killing me inside out!!!

p/s: Sorry dear, still got no time to upload da Langkawi pics. will do it some other time.. So sorry, my bad.. =(

Monday, May 30, 2011

Talk To Me: Sad Version of 'Everything I Do, I Do It For You...'

Dialog hari ni...

Me: Tadi ada dapat email u...

Him: Email??

Me: A'aaa..yang u attached lagu Everything I Do, I Do It For You... thanks.. =) (senyum sampai telinga, taman dalam hati da berbunga-bunga...)

Him: Ooo..A'aa...Tadi ada terdengar kat pc officemate..Macam best je...

Me: A'aa...Bestkan?? Ada any thoughts ke bagi lagu tu kat I?? (Dengan harapan, jawapan yang diberi membuatkan hati berbunga riang..)

Him: Hmm...Tak de lah..Saje je..Sebab da lama tak dengar, tetiba terdengar pastu macam best..Tu yg send kat U tu...Jangan perasan sangat lah yea...Hahaa... (gelak menyakitkan hati...)

Me: Kurang asam btul... *__*

**Question of the day: Kenapa lelaki TERLALU BERTERUS TERANG??? Tak boleh ke jaga perasaan orang sket??? =(
Salam blogsphere...

May come to an end. Terasa agak lama tak update blog ni. Actually there were so much thing to write on but I couldn't find the space to squeeze in. Agak busy lately with my daily routine, baik di ofis mahupun di rumah. (busy lah sangaattt... =P)

Well, if you'd ask (if you're not asking, you may leave then...haha..acah jee... =P ) what had happen in MY MAY, here's the answer.. BUSY + SAD + FUN!!!

Yes, I am currently a bit BUSY with my workload. There are a few projects to be tendered by end of june (or in july, i should say..huhuu...), so lotsa things to be settled, but nevermind..everything's under control...(ecehh..ceehhh...sounds cool uh?? ;P ) Ok, that's it...enuff bout work, sounds bored to me... ;)

Well, something happen on Friday the 13th...Hmmm...Friday the 13th?? Sounds scary?? Actually something SAD happen..Asyraf's Tok passed away on that day. After solat Jumaat, we're heading straight to Kuala Kangsar to attend the 'pengebumian'. Alhamdulillah, segala urusan pengkebumian berjalan lancar. And later that night, after Isya', we went back to KL and safely arrived home around 1am. Alhamdulillah.

Buat arwah tok...Semoga ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang beriman dan semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. AL-FATIHAH...

The next day (Saturday, 14th) WE (my family + my sis's family + my parents) went to Langkawi for holiday!!! Yeayyy, rasa dah lama sangat tak gi vacation dengan family..rindu!!! (Actually, dah lama we planned on going on vacation together..baru skarang laa..masing-masing dah besar and ada family sendiri, susah nak booked date...tu pun my younger sister and brother tak dapat join..) We're having so much FUN together!!! (pics will be uploaded later..wait ya! ;) ) We're staying at Langkawi Lagoon for 3days 3nights (arrived at Langkawi at 8.55pm, 14th may - depart to KLIA at 12.25pm) and it was a heavenly beautiful place to be. Seriously. Will tell more on our vacation to Langkawi on next post..together with the pics...baru best kan..story-story sambil tengok pics..hehe.. =P

Another FUN on My MAY was on 24th...which is GAJI DAY!!!! YeEEeehoOOOooo!!! =D

Ok, that's it...Salam.. =)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MUMMY, I LOVE YOU - Awfeeya (Part 1)

Ni kali pertama aku menyambut Mother's Day sebagai seorang ibu. Ibu kepada seorang angel yang sangat cute and become naughtier each and every day however yeah...she really made my day.. =) And as I've revealed something about her on my previous post (read it here), I would like to share my experience in a year becoming a MOTHER to my lil angel.

She's a GIFT.
A special GIFT that Allah send to me from heaven. Thank You ALLAH.

Aku selamat melahirkan si comel Dhia Azra Awfeeya pada 23.03.10 tepat jam 11.07 malam dengan bantuan epidural selepas lebih sebelas jam berada dalam labour room. Sebelas jam..lama kan??!! Dalam masa sebelas jam tu, puas aku berdoa supaya Allah ringankan beban kesakitan yang akan aku tanggung waktu bersalin, supaya Allah permudahkan segala urusanku dan macam-macam jugak yang aku fikirkan...Selamat ke aku dan anak aku?? Macammana rupa anak aku?? Comel macam mummy and daddy dia tak?? Apa aku nak panggil dia nanti?? Baby ke Girl ke or panggil nama je?? Apa pulak die nak panggil aku nanti?? Mama ke Ibu ke Umi ke?? Macammana aku nak ajar and didik dia kalau dia naughty nanti?? Nak pukul ke nak grounded je?? Macam-macam aku fikir, ye laa..sebelas jam kot...kalau naik flight, da nak sampai UK da...Tapi dalam masa sebelas jam tu, tak pernah terlintas sedetik pun yang satu hari nanti, anak aku akan menghadapi dunia ni dengan cara yang berbeza. Ya, berbeza!

Saat Awfeeya keluar merupakan miracle moment untuk aku. Aku berjaya mengharungi masa 9 bulan mengandungkan dia dan membawa dia melihat bumi sedangkan sebelum kawen dulu itulah saat yang paling menakutkan buat aku, BERSALIN. Lepas dia keluar, mata aku tak lepas-lepas pandang ke arah dia sambil air mata mengalir gembira dan mulut aku tak henti-henti ucap syukur padaNya. Dari saat dia menangis dan dibersihkan sampailah daddy dia azankan dia, aku hanya tersenyum penuh syukur memandangnya. Akhirnya dia dibawa kepangkuan aku untuk disusukan. Seteguk dua dia minum kemudian dia pun tertidur. Lepas tu, dia dibawa keluar dari labour room dan aku yang keletihan terus disorong masuk ke bilik wad.

Tak lama lepas tu Awfeeya dihantar masuk ke bilik aku, family semua excited sangat tengok dia. Dia comel sangat aku tengok masa tu. Lepas family semua balik, dia diletakkan bersebelahan katil aku. Malam tu, walaupun aku keletihan yang amat, tidur aku tak lena. Terdengar bunyi hiccups (sesedu) daripada bassinet Awfeeya. Dalam samar-samar lampu bilik, aku alihkan pandangan ke arah bassinet Awfeeya. Aku tengok ada lelehan yang mengalir dari mulut dia. Terus aku gerakkan Asyraf yang tertidur kepenatan kat sofa sebelah aku. Awfeeya aku angkat dan letakkan di pangkuanku. Asyraf keluar panggil nurse. Nurse masuk ke dalam bilik diikuti oleh Asyraf. At first nurse kata "She's okay. Memang some babies yang baru lahir akan keluar lelehan macam tu because mungkin masih ada saki baki air ketuban yang tak habis dibersihkan." Sejuk hati aku dengar nurse kata macam tu. Then lepas nurse tu keluar, Awfeeya nangis and aku suakan susu pada dia. Sedut sekali dua, dia terus tertidur. Aku letakkan balik kat bassinet dia. Aku pun terlena sekejap sebelum dikejutkan balik dalam pukul 5.30pagi. Aku terdengar lagi bunyi hiccups tu dari bassinet Awfeeya. Aku kejut Asyraf suruh buka lampu bilik. Aku tengok masih ada lagi lelehan putih macam sisa-sisa susu keluar dari mulut dia sampai ada satu masa dia hiccups terpancut keluar air tu dari mulut dia. Lepas tu aku tengok kaki dia biru keunguan. Aku cepat-cepat suruh Asyraf panggil nurse, nurse masuk dan tengok keadaan dia, kemudian nurse cakap, "Kita terpaksa bawa dia ke nursery room untuk pantau keadaan dia." dan terus bawa Awfeeya keluar dari bilik. Berat hati aku tengok nurse tu bawa dia keluar, tanpa aku sedar malam tu adalah kali terakhir aku dapat rangkul dia dalam pelukan aku sebelum aku dapat peluk dia semula sebulan kemudian. Ya, sebulan kemudian!

Keesokan harinya, keadaan aku terlalu lemah. Letih semalam masih bersisa dengan tidur yang tak berapa lena. Nurse panggil aku ke nursery room untuk breastfeed Awfeeya tapi aku tak dapat pergi. Aku hampir rebah dalam bilik air masa tengah bersihkan diri! Tengahari tu aku kuatkan diri untuk pergi ke nursery room ditemani Asyraf untuk susukan Awfeeya. Tapi dia tak ada kat situ! Nurse kata dia dah dibawa untuk buat ujian ape ntah, aku kurang pasti. Aku pulang ke bilik dengan perasaan sedikit hampa sebab nurse tu dah bagi Awfeeya minum susu formula sedangkan aku berhasrat untuk breastfeed kan dia selama yang mampu. Tengahari tu pediatrician Awfeeya datang menjenguk aku di bilik. Dia minta kebenaran family aku to have private talk only with the parents. Aku agak suspens masa tu. Mesti apa yang dia nak sampaikan tu pasal Awfeeya. Aku kuatkan semangat untuk dengar setiap apa yang dia cuba sampaikan. "I think your daughter might have Down Syndrome. U know aa what is Down Syndrome, something to do with extra chromosome, bla..bla..Trisomy 21..bla..bla..The characteristics...bla..bla..almond shape eyes, bla..bla..bla.. " aku dah tak dengar apa yang doktor cina tu cakap, daripada rasa sebak yang tak tertahan sampai aku menangis teresak-esak. Aku rasa nak halau je dia keluar, berani dia cakap camtu pada anak aku. Aku tak habis penat lagi melahirkan dia, ada orang yang berani-berani cakap macam tu pasal dia. Asyraf tenangkan aku, dia genggam kuat tangan aku and belai rambut aku, minta supaya aku bertenang tapi lepas je doktor cina tu keluar and family aku masuk, aku terus meraung-raung menangis macam orang gila. Asyraf explained everything that doc said to both our family members. Ibu peluk aku kuat-kuat suruh aku calm down tapi aku tak boleh. Ibu suruh aku beristighfar banyak-banyak tapi aku masih tersedu sedan. Bila tangisan aku dah reda and feel a bit better, aku rasa macam mimpi je apa yang berlaku tadi. Aku rasa macam dari detik doktor tu masuk bilik aku sampai lah sekarang ni aku tengah bermimpi. Sedih. Sebak. Sayu.

Apa yang akan jadi pada anak aku?? Macammana future dia?? Boleh ke dia membesar macam anak-anak normal lain?? Boleh ke dia pergi sekolah?? Boleh ke dia masuk universiti?? Ada ke orang nak kawan dengan dia?? Have you ever imagine?? Mesti tak pernahkan sebab kita semua tak pernah minta yang buruk-buruk pasal anak kita. Macam tu jugak aku. Paling sedih bila aku fikir boleh ke masyarakat terima dia?? You all tau lah, masyarakat Malaysia kita ni, mana prihatin sangat tentang nasib orang kurang upaya ni. Yang tau nak ejek, hina, caci je macam diorang semua tak ada hati dan perasaan. Aku takut. Aku tak nak anak aku hadapi semua tu. Aku tak nak dia hidup dalam kesedihan. Aku nak dia sentiasa gembira dan bahagia.

Oklah, lepas penat sesi menangis tadi, aku berehat je kat bilik. Officemate datang melawat aku kat hospital, terpaksa aku layan dengan mata yang bengkak dan senyuman fake. FAKE. Aku kalau boleh masa tu nak bersendirian, Aku rasa nak lari jauh dari dunia realiti, tak sanggup aku hadapi semua ini, aku terlalu lemah untuk ujianMu ini ya Allah. Why am I being da chosen one?? Why ya Allah!! Aku merintih. Petang tu, doktor cina tu masuk bilik aku lagi. Nak je aku halau dia, dah la cakap kerek giler. Geram betul aku dengan dia, tak pandai menjaga hati patient langsung!! Dia bagitau pasal condition Awfeeya. Katanya she was diagnosed with 'duodenal stenosis' which is the narrowing of a portion of the duodenum and it requires urgent surgery to make good of it. And she also deals with heart problem but the condition is not so serious. Who can deal with it?? Ya Allah, apa lagi ujian yang Kau berikan padaku ini ya Allah. She's only one day old, and she's now suffering. Sekali lagi aku meraung hiba. Kenapa aku yang terpaksa terima dugaan ni?? Aku merintih lagi. Sedih dengan apa yang Tuhan bagi pada aku. Mungkin.

Malam tu aku dikejutkan dengan satu lagi peristiwa sedih. Satu demi satu benda sedih berlaku pada aku kan?? You all rasa aku kuat tak untuk menghadapi semua ini?? Jawapannya, aku tak pernah kuat. Aku selemah-lemah manusia, tapi aku tak tau kenapa Allah pilih aku untuk menghadapi semua ni. Lepas family member semua dah balik,masa aku tengah bermung-murungan kat atas katil, Asyraf masuk. Dia cakap, "B, jom gi tengok Awfeeya. Dia masuk NICU. Hney nak gi hantar register form ni kat kaunter bawah." Aku cuma diam dengar berita tu. Taktau nak respons macam mana. Mungkin. Dah terlalu banyak air mata mengalir untuk hari ni. Mungkin. Redha dengan qada dan qadar Allah. Mungkin.

Aku end up post kali ni dengan pic ni, malam pertama Awfeeya di NICU. 

Mother's Day


I hope it's not too late for me to wish all hot mummy's out there... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! =D

Last weekend was a great weekend for me. As it was a Mother's Day weekend, it was filled with LOVE and JOY and BLESSED from Him...Alhamdulillah... =)

My Saturday started with a warm wish from both of my soul (hubby n lil angel) and hubby promise to bring us out for dinner at Chillis (yeaayy, lama tak makan kat Chillis... =D ). Thanks so much, me loves u both!! =) Then, at noon my x-school babes, Nadet and Eiza, who came with her hubby Pejay and her cute Pejay's Jr., lil Hizqil came to my house and we had so much fun chit chatting,'s been a long time since we last met each other. I'm soooo HAPPY to meet them!! =D However later that night, the plan changed. My dad wanted to bring us out for family dinner at Kelab Darul Ehsan, Ampang (KDE) to celebrate three of the gorgeous mummy (My mum, sister and me... yippie, I'm a mother now!! =D ) So, Chillis canceled, we're heading to chinese restaurant at KDE. (huuuu..tak dapat makan Chillis). Everything was great and the dinner was superb! Excellent!! I had a good night and sleep with full tummy. =P

We (my mum, sister and me) had an appointment at 11.00a.m. at Hammam Spa, Bangsar Village. I enjoyed the session so much (dah lama sangat tak membelai diri kat spa) and on that evening, we gathered at my aunt's house for special Mother's Day hi-tea...LOVE IT!!! =)

Here's are some pics taken during dinner at KDE. Enjoy... ;)

 Wet tissue pun nak tunjuk ke?? hehe.. =P

While waiting for the food..tengok muka Lyssa and mummy die boring..hehe.. =P

Ok, here comes the starter.. yeaayy, perut pun da lapar sangat ni!!

The busiest person..main baling2 wipes tu pastu suruh mummy kutip..isy..isy..

Shark fin soup

Shark fin soup selepas dituang ke dalam mangkuk..nampak macam geli tapi...yummy!!! =D

Ok, pics foods yg datang lepas shark fin soup tak dapat ditangkap kerana kerakusan photographer (iaitu saya) membaham makanan-makanan tersebut..tehee..

And lastly...the desserts...
The pink one is moji...yummy jugak sebab die chewy and ada inti red beans..yang lagi satu tu taktau apa nama die but the taste not bad...sweet and crispy...

Ehh ada lagi!!
Haha..ini air longan...sedaapp!!

Mummy-mummy yang di celebrate pada hari itu..Sempat lagi posing.. =)