Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's All Bcoz of YOU!! Yeah..YOU!!!

Ohhh dear blog!!!!


This feeling is annoyed me!!! I think I'm tooo stressed out!! I need to find a way to channel it in a manner so here I am, depending on u to spread some words so that this feeling will go away...
(syuhh..syyuuhhh...go away u weird feeling!!)

I am really REALLY not in a good mind and body control.

1) My body feel like restless and aching everywhere like i've done tonnes of HEAVY work.

2) My mind wasn't where my body is. There's so much in my mind rite now. I can't focus on my work at all. Eventhough it's piling up each and everyday. GOSH!!!

3) And I can't control my feeling. I dunno why I feel like yelling, screaming, and crying at the same time. I get mad and sad and screwed up at the same time. Can u imagine that?? Ohh's a disaster!!!

And thank to you...YES, it's you PMS!! You're killing me inside out!!!

p/s: Sorry dear, still got no time to upload da Langkawi pics. will do it some other time.. So sorry, my bad.. =(