Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cacing Glamour.. =P

Baju ex-colleague, Kak Zura..

At first, aku memang tak berapa confident dengan design ni sebab konon-konon nak buat kelainan sket, instead of 'renjis' as final touch up, aku buat bersimpang siur sket, konon berseni la tuh.. =P

Comment from my colleagues:
 Fid: "Macam lalat pening terbang je.."
Tihah: "Okla, design baru..macam cacing sket.."
Kak Shima: "Kenapa ni??!!" (with expression macam baju tu kena conteng..)

Abes la aku..
Rosakla baju batik crepe Kak Zura nih..

Takut tuan empunya baju marah aku rosakkan baju mahal dia..

But once she received her baju..
She's happy with my touch.. =D


Thanks Kak Zura.. =D
(Kalau cantik, tolong promote yea...hihiii..)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mumbling Monday: Dilemma

2012 nearly comes to an end..

So much to think of as the new year will come..

Only few months left, and I havn't prepared myself yet..

Contract will be ended end of this year, where should I go? Or how should I begin?

So many questions going through my mind recently..

Actually, I DO have my own planning..

My to spend my time with my lil angel..
(Yes,I've planned so much things as next year she'll be 3..Kiwanis, playschool, therapies, swimming class, etc..etc..)

Because she is so SPECIAL and..

I want to watch her grows..
I want to witness every IMPORTANT moment that happen in her life..
I want to be proud for every BIG accomplishment she'll achieve..
I want to make sure that she can go to school like other normal kids..


But not everything you WANT, you'll GET..

So I have to CHOOSE..

Find a job that suits my financial and sacrifice my time with my precious one..
Spend my time with her and get sick of thinking bout the piled-up-unpaid-bills..


Bare in mind that u've already missed 2 and half years of her life..
Your spouse need your help to settle some of the bills..

I'M STUCK!!!!! =(

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bunga Di Taman.. =)

Bunga di taman yang telah siap akhirnya... =)

Baju kakak ipar yang nak dipakai this weekend during her SIL's wedding..

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Walk To Remember.. =)

It's a bright Saturday morning..
And here we are...

- Taman Tasik Titiwangsa -

Bringing this cheeky lil girl for a walk, so that she could practice more..
She's having fun and really enjoy herself..
I think that we should do this activity more often.. =)

My lil precious

With daddy

Mummy, where are you??


Now, what to do next??

Doing my best..

Ooops.. I fell down..

Nevermind, I'll never give up..

It's a long path, but I'll make sure I'm gonna finish it..

Naahh.. Let's try again some other time.. ;)