Wednesday, December 19, 2012

School Hunting..

Oh dear.. A bit busy lately dengan tugas di ofis dan bonding time with my lil angel (now, she's a big girl) at home. Banyak yang nak di share di blog tapi tak berkesempatan..tapi hari ni..hehee..I managed to curik masa berblogging.. =P

Nak cerita pasal survey preschool for my big girl. (big girl da anak mummy =)) Actually, planning nak hantar awfeeya to school dari pertengahan tahun lepas lagi. But to be honest, I'm not ready to let my baby girl go, so mummy asyik postpone je.. =P

Next year she's going to be 3.. I was thinking it's the time for her to go to playschool. My main intention is for her to mix around with others and learn social skills. I just want her meeting some new friends, enjoy and have fun doing lots of activities, and explore new things. Coz when I'm working, she'll be left alone at home with ommie..and since bibik dah takde, ommie's time is a bit occupied. Kesian ommie, mana nak layan awfeeya lagi, nak buat kerja rumah lagi..Awfeeya skarang dah macam-macam perangainya, a bit bossy dan manja terlebih pun iye. (duduk rumah sorang kan..)

So, dalam kesibukan  menyiapkan tugas hakiki, mummy sempat mencurik masa (curik masa lagi..hehee..) to do some survey on her preschool. Mummy survey area ampang jer lah supaya senang nak hantar/ambik awfeeya. Actually, sangatlah banyaknya taska/tadika/preschool/child center kat area ampang ni. Nak buat reserach satu-satu memang tak terlarat. So based on good comments/reviews from internet and survey2 di kawasan sekitar taman, I've come out with my shortlist. And the school hunting begins...

My shortlist..and keep updating it..

Schools yang bagi email add, mummy email jer sebab nak call satu-satu memang tak sempat. At first I thought it was an easy task..
1) Wait for the reply;
2) Set an appointment;
3) School's visit;
4) Enroll.


It was a normal procedure/process of enrollment, wasn't it??!!

But I prove it wrong when I emphasize the word "My daughter is a special child. She has Down Syndrome. Would you consider special needs child in your school?"

Few of the schools rejected.

Few of it accept with additional charges for special needs. (These schools are at the expats area and mummy can't afford the school fees..almost RM5k per term (4mths/term) + additional charges!!)

Last week, mummy pegi ambush je satu school ni. This is our 1st visit to the school coz before this asal her specialties being raised up (dalam email or on the phone) semua surrender, padahal they don't even see her yet. Mummy called up and set an appointment without telling awfeeya's condition. So, we went there. It's a new school. Memang baru nak set up untuk 1st batch next year. Overall, meet my expectations la.. from the school environment, the programme (it's an islamic montessori school), the fee structure, and the teachers (2 iranians and 1 malay..). Awfeeya sangatla seronoknya main with few toddlers yang datang with parents to view the school. I'm so happy to see her enjoying herself, deep down inside, I know she'll be good at school (mum's instinct.. =P). So I told the teachers about awfeeya's condition and they personally don't mind and can accept her BUT they still need to confirm with the principal (which we didn't managed to meet her during our visit). The teachers told me that they'll try to pursuade the principal to give awfeeya a chance and will inform me later. I was giving a big hope on this school (too soon, maybe?) and before we reached home, I received a call from the teacher saying that the school (the Principal perhaps) can't accept my daughter.

Awfeeya during our visit 

Frustrated? Yes.

In a process to be a friend (still dekat ngan meja mummy)

Now I know how hard special mummy like me had to deal with this schooling situation.
And it's a bit unfair for my daughter. People misjudge her because of the word 'Down Syndrome' which if she can choose, she'll definitely choose not to have it.

Dah dapat tackle adik, abang pulak datang.. 

Ahh..I'm the one who have emotional issues right here..Lets put it aside..Now I really need to focus..

Ok, dah dapat kawan, dia lari main jauh2..

Time ni da tak heran mummy da..  =)

Mummy has to keep on finding!! Never give up mummy!!!

I'm ready.. Are you??!!

On the other note..
Mummy already sent admission form to Kiwanis. They'll called up for an assessment, the soonest is by end of January. Hmm.. let's just wait and pray that she'll be getting in.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All The Reasons That Makes Me =)

My Soul + My Angel + My Favourite Spot.. =)

Last holiday kat Pangkor time cuti Deepavali & Awal Muharam.. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Patch Lace & Pearls

This is my 1st trial..

Baju kepunyaan my ex-classmate merangkap ex-housemate juga ex-roommate way back in Wolves..

Baju plain warna pastel (orange+pinkish) yang sangat sweet sesuai dengan tuannya yang kecik comel..

Enjoy the pics.. ;)

 Bunga ribbon




 Tuan empunya baju =)
(pic taken from her fb)

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Day In Mummy's Office.. =)

Ni pics awfeeya masa ikut mummy ke ofis  hari tu.. Pics lama ni, a day before Raya Haji.. (25 October 2012)
Waktu ni ofis memang jadi nursery kejap sebab ramai yang bawak anak sebab taska/nursery da tutup awal..
Jadi mummy ambil kesempatan untuk bawak awfeeya jugak since ommie pun sibuk nak ke pasar and masak-masak on that day..

Tengoklah keletah si kecik ni...
Tersenyum bila tengok sengsorang..
Memang dia behave sangat hari tu..
But biasalah, dia memang tak nak dengan orang..
Tambah takut bila orang ramai berkumpul dan rancak bersembang..

 Busy mencabut gambar dia dari locker mummy..

 Aunty Tihah bagi activity sheet..
Tak tau la bila masa dia sempat buat benda ni..Hehee..

 Da macam nursery tempat aunty Tihah ni..Huhuu..
Look at her face with pencil on her hand, macam busy sangat..geram betul mummy..
Bila tengok gambar ni, mummy rasa macam she's ready to school.. =)

 Ni kat tempat mummy, dia masih lagi in colouring mood..

Da bosan, layan iPad pulak.. 

Bosan lagi, hmm..tolong mummy buat keje..Rajin sungguh anak mummy.. =)

She did enjoyed herself so much..
And I'm happy to see her that way.. =)