Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sharing is Caring..

Hari ni nak share info sket tentang common marks / problems yang ada pada baby yang dilahirkan Down Syndrome.
Source: Kumpulan Sokongan Down Syndrome

Harap-harap orang di luar sana tak menyisihkan atau meminggirkan mereka di atas kekurangan  kelebihan yang mereka miliki sebab mereka juga punya hak untuk hidup bebas di muka bumi Allah seperti anda.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Positive Progress for A Positive Parents =)

It's been a while...

After a long silence, here I am, back in the blogsphere again..

Don't know where should I start. Feel a bit lost for a while after such a long break. Wheewww!! *__*

Hmm...lately my focus is more on lil angel. As she grows up (bigger and naughtier..), I realised that there were lots of positive improvement that impressed me as her mother. On her last progress check up (the check up is part of her xenotransplan procedure - the doctor will ask about her health and development progress to know what cells will best be given for her on the next injection), the doctor was very impressed with her. He was amazed when we told him that she could already say few words like 'nak', 'dap' (instead of sedap), 'jok' (instead of sejuk), 'dah', 'bird', 'go', 'koob' (instead of book..hehe..funny!), 'cat', 'dog', 'bear''pert' (instead of 'pers' when we say 'pam...' - pampers) and recently she said 'ok' to me!! Sometimes she can call 'bebek' (instead of bibik) and 'dada' to her daddy. Unfortunately no 'mama' or 'mummy' yet from her. It's a bit frustrate me when she can say 'bebek' first than 'mummy'. Of course I'm sad! Obviously shows that bibik spend more time with her than me.. =( But it's ok, I know the time will come.. =) she just need some time because as I realize there wasn't any 'M' words come out yet.

She even become smarter nowadays. She loves to ride her new bicycle, the one that she bought using her duit raya collection ;) If she sees her bicylcle, she'll scream and struggle just to get there and usually once she ride it, it'll end up with me struggling to say enough for today! She also loveeess to go out. She can't even see us dressed up, she'll quickly asked us to carry her so that she can follow us. And the best part is, if we pretend to ignore her, she'll sulk!! Ohh my.. She's an incredibly smart lil girl!!

Eventhough she's a bit delay in walking (by her own - she can walk like running if we hold her hand), she's already cruising the sofa! The doctor told us that it was a positive progress as usually a Down Syndrome child can walk at the age of 2 or some might take a bit longer.

So according to the doctor, as the result of her progress check up....

In her 18months age...
 Her brain is like normal 14months old baby and her motorskills is like normal 11 months old baby..