Thursday, January 12, 2012



I hear it clearly... she looked at me, patted me..and say that magical word WITHOUT ANY FAIL... It's PERFECT!!! It was a beautiful moment that I've been waiting for all this while.. It happened just a few minutes ago while we're lying on the bed as she's getting ready to sleep...

After a year, 9months and 20 days... my lil angel finally called me 'MUMMY'...


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Heyy..Heyy..Rindunyaa pada cinta pandang pertama saya.Pertama kali bertentang mata rasa macam kita ada chemistry lah! Haha..Maunye at first sight with Gunwharf.. (Gunwharf Quays,Portsmouth). (Yelah, it was my first time, jadi jakunlah sket..)

Last Christmas holiday, I went to UK, visiting my younger brother at Portsmouth. It was a very short trip (for me..). Tak puaslah as we (My mom, Asyraf, Lil angel and me) were there for 9 days only (I wish it could be any longer..). ~sigh~

As it was a short trip, our aim for this trip is BOXING DAY!!! Weehoo.. At first, we've planned to spend our day at London but due to some constraints (coach n train tix are much more expensive sebab last minute booking and journey on public holiday..and car hire pun tutup on public holidays) so mom said why not Boxing Day at Portsmouth and New Year at London?? Hmm...ok, sounds great..BUT..ADA APA KAT PORTSMOUTH?? Cause I've never been there and my younger brother kata Portsmouth bosan and takde apa yang best pun, besides ada pantai and harbour, cuma ada Cascade Mall and Shopping Outlet, Gunwharf Quays, tempat yang OK untuk shopping. Hmm...bunyi tak berapa best je untuk shopping spree (sebab terbayangkan Wulfrun Shopping Centre kat Wolverhampton..hehe..) Lepas tu, tanya my younger sister pulak and she said Gunwharf never bores her. She can go to Gunwharf like almost everyday coz it's like 5-10 minutes walking distance from my bro's flat.. (she's been there before). Ok, that sounds bit pleasure to me. Adalah buat research sket, googling around sebab nak sedapkan hati, yelah kan my first intention nak berboxing kat London..huhu..

Sampai je Portsmouth, on 25th (Christmas Day) kedai semua tutup. Boring duduk rumah, ajak Asyraf bawak lil angel berjalan-jalan ke Gunwharf, nak puaskan hati and survey-survey kedai dulu. Boleh pasang strategy untuk esok, nanti tak de lah baru nak tercarik-carik kedai apa yang nak serbu sebab confirm ramai giler manusia esok. 

Mummy, I'm ready..

Both are ready.. Ape lagi, JOMLAA...

As we reached Gunwharf, memang btul.. IT'S OURS!! =D Ada la 2-3 kerat manusia yang keboringan macam kami juga. Pusing sana..pusing sini... Owwhh.. ada Polo Ralph Lauren.. ada Ted Baker.. Paul Smith.. Next.. Gap.. Clarks.. ada Nike.. Adidas.. Vans.. Timberland..(Ni Asyraf yang suke..) dan beberapa kedai lain yang tak berapa 'in mission'.. Ehh..lupa, ada Cadbury Outlet juga!! OK, BEST!! Dah tau kedudukan kedai.. So, sebelum memulakan misi esok, apalagi, ambik kesempatan snap sana sini, esok tak de nye nak bergambar lagi sebab masing-masing 'on mission'.. Hehee.. 

 Welcoming US..

 Don't expect this on Boxing Day!! 

 Daddy and his lil angel =)

Meriam tu nak shoot saya ker??

Bila tak ada orang, macam ni ler jadinya... =P

The Harbour

 Me and lil angel..In front one of the bars..

Bye.. See u on shopping day!! =D

P/s: Punyelaa 'TAK BEST' Gunwharf tu sampai everyday kat Portsmouth, I'll make sure that visiting Gunwharf is a must...haha...punyelaa LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT kan?? ;)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to reality..


                     IT'S HURT!!!
(Especially when u see love letters from debt collectors...Arrgghh!!
Junks piling up on your desk asking for your attention..Urrgghh!!)


Owhh...How I wish holidays never ends...
I enjoyed every single moment spending my time with my lovelies...
I enjoyed the beautiful weather that I missed..tho it's a bit freezing...
I enjoyed reminisce the old memories...
I enjoyed eating, walking, and not to forget..spending... =D
Aaahh...It feels like heaven...being far away from all the 'serabut'ness...
And pampering yourself.. I wish it happen everyday... ngee... =D

Yeah, got lots of stories to share, will do some posts on that..Insya Allah.. ;)

Oh dear... Anyway, hope it's not too late to wish....



(Pics from Mr. Google)