Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Bash Awfeeya + Alyssa... (Pics version)

As promised on last post, here are some piccas taken on Asha Nur Alyssa & Dhia Azra Awfeeya's birthday bash..Enjoice every single pics... (mind you, it's gonna be lotsa pics on this post) =)

Birthday cake
(I spoiled lil angel's cake..sorry sweetie..)

All the sweetest things =)

Birthday princess...
Alyssa in her fairy angel costume

Birthday princess...
Awfeeya...can u see how grumpy she is...
Yeah, she's totally not in a good mood... =|
Blow your candle, make a wish darlas... =)

Alyssa with her cake

Princess Alyssa's happy family =D

Princess Awfeeya's happy family...Amen... =D

Cuties on that day:

Noor Qistina

Asha Nur Hannah
Ariska Adrianna

Nur Sofea Irdina

Dhani...Hero Malaya... =)

Last but not least....
Candid Syndrome  

My other half...coolness.. ;)

My big sistah Kak Ein

My sistah Abby

My bro Ayzad

Monday, April 18, 2011

An open box...

Alhamdulillah...Selesai sudah majlis hari jadi Dhia Azra Awfeeya & Asha Nur Alyssa Sabtu lepas, 16hb April...(gambar akan di'upload' kemudian) Syukur, everything went well eventho ada sikit kelam kabut here n there (so sorry...) sebab masa untuk preparation sangat tight, walaupun telah di plan awal tapi last minit I've gotta go to east coast for site visits on Thursday and Friday. So the food preparations and decorations were done on that Saturday morning. Memang tak menang tangan, but luckily I've got a great team to work on it (Ibu, Mak Teh, Bibik and Kak Ein on food side... Ika, Abby and Adek si peniup belon on deco side...) Thanx so much u guys!! Tambah tak berapa best pulak, lil angel takde mood nak potong kek pulak. Meragam kepenatan dari awal majlis, nasiblah Kak Lyssa on good mood and so excited to potong kek. Overall, it still can be considered as a great party. Dan macam yang aku inginkan, our families gathered together and having fun on that day. =)

But actually, I have another important (yes, it really change my perception in life) thing to let the whole world to know. I told myself that this is the right time to confess. It's kinda big secret about my lil angel that I've kept from my surroundings (colleagues, friends and others) for almost over a year. Yes, I live in a lie. I've been a hypocrite person for over a year (especially to my colleagues). I admit, I am bad. I'm a bad mother, I'm not a good person. But honestly, EVERYTIME I LIED, I FELT SO GUILTY! I felt like wanna tell everybody the truth, I do really want people to know. But I don't have the gut to tell them. Not because of embarrassment, I just don't want people to sympathize. I don't need their sympathy. I just need a positive support. Yes, I really need it a LOT!!! However, it's been almost a year and a month, and in that period of time, I've build my strength by seeing her grows healthily and beautifully each and every day. And it promised myself that everything gonna be perfectly ok. She'll grown up as a lovely and independent person. She'll be a strong and brave girl compared to me. And she'll always be the sun who shine my day. She's my special sweetheart.
Yes, my lil angel is special. She has Down Syndrome.   

Friday, April 8, 2011

Awfeeya feat. Alyssa

Salam my blog...

Sorry dear blog for the long ignorance. I'm kind of busy lately since end of last month. Nak kata busy sangat mengalahkan PM tu takde laa...tehee..Nak tau what makes me busy lately?? Ok..ok, I'll let u know yea...I'm planning for lil angel's birthday partaayyyy!!! Sangat excited!! Hahaa... =P  What makes me feel so excited is
(Awfeeya + Alyssa)

Kan dah told u earlier on my post last month that I have to postpone her birthday party ;) So, me and sistah decided to set up the party on the 16th (next Saturday...aiihhh so soon!) Well, if according to my wish, I want it to be a BIG and GRAND birthday party evaahh...Macam birthday cucu NAZA tu, siap theme Superhero..ada persembahan Batman and Robin lagi. Memang grand abes lahh!!! Tapi, memandangkan I'm not one of NAZA's daughter and I'm just an ordinary person, I've to cut it out and plan everything according to my budget. (~sigh~) HOWEVER... (dengan nada yang bersemangat balik =D ) walaupun according to my budget, I WANT IT TO BE FUN AND JOYFUL ONE TO MY LIL ANGEL!!! I want her to have a great moment! And most important, I want all my family member to gather, barulah meriah and riang ria rasanya...Maklumlah, anak buah ramai.. =D Last but not least, this is what i wish for her birthday bash. (thanx to Mr. Google for the pics)

Sweet 'en??

Her 1st birthday cake ;)




And last... Wings =)

**Now, can u imagine what's the theme?? Yes, it's a FAIRY ANGEL theme.. =)