Wednesday, March 27, 2013



I know it's not good. It's bad. No? It's the worst thing that happen to me..rite now.

I don't know why, can't think much rite now.

Too many burden, i guess. (and no shoulder for me to cry on)

And the worst part is..

I always get mad.. I easily get tempered..

I yelled, screamed and scolded.. my own daughter. S**t.

I hate but have to admit it. ~sigh~

Later on, when she sleep soundlessly, I look closely at her face, one thing I realize..

She didn't do any mistake!

She just not feeling well and needed my attention while I'm too tired thinking of stupid things.

I burst out my tears..All night out. For being so stupid. For being such a terrible mother.

She's my LIL ANGEL for god sake!!!



  1. Dear.. please dont be so hard on yourself.. we are just normal human being.. i've been in this position a lots of time too :( probably for different reason but the anger did overshadowed my innocent son :( we just have to keep reminding each other on how special they are.. and how lucky we are..

    love u n awfeeya.. and if you need to talk, i am here..


    1. thanks so much dear..

      it makes me feel a LOT better to know that there are still someone who truly understand how it feels.

      love u n Z too.. thanks for ur concern dear..

      *big hugs*

  2. Nk hug jugak..
    ttbe jer..;)hehe